Parent’s work: the basis of our Community Center

It is known as “Community Social Work” to the form of intervention with the community where one works to try to satisfy basic and personal needs with the participation and help of individuals from the same community. This implies the group approach to the solution of a problem, the increase of knowledge and understanding of the needs of the community and the type of precise help so that they can be satisfied using the resources of the same community.

In a basic sense, the concept of community are all forms of relationship that are characterized by a high degree of personal intimacy, emotional depth, moral commitment, social cohesion and continuity over time. Have a common cause founded on the family. Hence, a group of people who live in the same place, with common ties.

In Otoch Paal, the common bond is children and families come to the Community Center to get an education based on the Montessori pedagogy where the Montessori principles are carried out following the indications AMI, dictated according to the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori

A quality education that could cost a lot of money and get out of the budget of families in the region, however, by joining forces, all contribute the work they can offer to support the maintenance of the school and thus, continue offering their children a worthy space in which they can develop.

Families that can provide monthly fees help to support the needs of the teaching staff, payments of services, etc., while Montessori Pedagogical Training provides continuous pedagogical training to the Guides and Assistants so that they have all the knowledge to present the Development Materials Montessori to children.

This is a way of working in which everyone benefits since a community in which children can have a better education is ensuring a prosperous future.

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