10 years celebrating Peace in Otoch Paal

Pretentious word … peace … Longing …

We all implore it and yet we all deny it, and at some point in our lives, not only ignore it but humble our essence to the selfishness of our whims. Are these words rude?  Maybe. But reading them make us have a moment of reflection to make a pause if we feel the absence of the subtle presence of peace in our lives.

Mankind always acclaims who, in one way or another, expressed the desire of peace, transforming it into actions that transcend. Maria Montessori lived difficult times and one of her deepest desires was that children could grow up in an environment that would allow them to develop their lives free from egoism, whims, or arrogance created by those seeking to excel through the power.

For 10 years Otoch Paal has  opened its doors with the firm intention of seeking spaces that promote a harmonious environment in which the essence of each one of the children can manifest.  When we get in the classrooms, the gentle caress of the harmonious murmur with which children express their creativity is perceived immediately. During times of recreation, children exploit the generous sharing energy that drives them to do. It is a constant self-construction of human beings in peaceful environments.

The “Table of Peace” is, in every classroom, a space high frequently visited by children. The experiences that arise from it are tracing deep furrows that mark the personality of the child making them reflective, good listeners, respectful children, who are able to express their own point of view and who can reach agreements, tolerating the differences and proposing solutions.

Celebrating 10 years of Education for Peace in Otoch Paal, is to celebrate life, it means shearing the essence of Montessori’s thought the roots. Let’s open our hearts and let’s live peaceful moments in our daily lives.  Let Montessori be more than the name of school for children, let’s make it a philosophy of life in our community.